Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Gavin loves money!...I mean, he really, REALLY, really loves money. He can tell you exactly how much he has at all times...down to the penny. So, knowing that he is smart, I made a deal with him. For the first two quarters of the year, he made honor roll. I told him at the beginning of the third quarter that if he made Principals List, that I would give him $200. And, look what he brought home!

So proud of him!

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Ethan Rocks!

Ethan has just been doing great at school this year. His teacher, Ms. Kimm, is one of the best that I have ever encountered, and it has made all the difference for Ethan. He started the first quarter by making his AR goal, which was a big success for him, since he has always struggled with reading. Well, since then he has made his goal for every quarter this year so far! He brought home his report card for the third quarter last Friday, and we had a big celebration! For the first time ever, Ethan made honor roll. We were so proud of him. Academically, he has really come a long way! His attitude has also changed toward school. He loves to go now and works really hard. I emailed Ms. Kimm after I received his report card to tell her of our excitement, and she replied that he is doing so well, and he is her most improved student this year!

Last week, he came running home from school with a certificate and bumper sticker. He was chosen as Student of the Week for his class!

Way to go Ethan!

Thursday, March 31, 2011

Wyatt Turns 3!

Wyatt turned 3 years old on February 19th. We wanted to go and celebrate at the park, but since it rained that day, we moved it indoors at Pappa and Grandma's house. We had a small celebration with pizza, and Randy and Krystal came up to join us. I saw this cake at a scouting dinner, and then made it for Wyatt. Just a couple of special things about our "Wild Guy!" * He loves anything that has wheels, especially motorcycles. * He can always find dirt anywhere, and will stay occupied playing in it for hours. * He is lucky he is so cute, because he is such a handful!!!! * He loves to cuddle at bedtime. * Lately he loves to play with toy guns. He especially loves to watch the movie Tremors, where he shoots the monsters on the screen. * He loves to play with Averi, and misses her when she is at school. They play together all afternoon in the backyard. Wyatt has become quite a monkey, and loves to hang from the sewing set. * He has good manners and is always saying please and thank you. Also, he is always the first one to thank me for making dinner every night!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

In my BYU Independent Study, I came across the most profound statement that really touched me. I thought I would share it.....

"It takes courage and faith to plan for what God holds before you as the ideal rather than what might be forced upon you by circumstances." Henry B. Eyring

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Daddy Daughter Dance....

On February 18th, the PTC put on a Daddy Daughter Dance at the school. Averi had been looking forward to this for weeks, and it basically took the entire week to prepare for the event. I started by taking her to WalMart, and let her pick out the pattern and material for her dress. We had a blast doing this, and she chose material that had gold sparkles on it....imagine that!
On Friday, I let her ditch school, and I took her for a big the nail salon for a manicure. (I have been waiting since the day she was born to be able to do that!) She was so good there, and everyone getting their nails done thought she was adorable. She got to pick out whatever polish she wanted,and she decided on gold glitter.
We had girl time getting her ready,and styling her hair,complete with a gold butterfly band. I even put some blush, eye shadow,and of course, sparkly lip stick on her.
I made her a corsage out of two dark pink and one light pink rose. It was the first time I attempted to do this, and I even went out and cut the fern in the front yard for the greenery in it. I was impressed how well it turned out,and it only took about five minutes to make! The last hurdle of the evening was making sure Steve got home from work on time. The weather was not cooperating, and they were expecting to close the Grapevine. I had to give him the..."you were gone for 11 weeks, and I don't ask much, but if you miss this dance, and Averi is left in tears".....speech! As he drove over the Grapevine to get to work, he knew he wouldn't make it home, so he turned around and took the day off!!! awesome husband and dad!
Steve and his little princess had a great time, and I worked at the dance, so I got to see them a bit there. So many dad's showed up with their daughters, and the dance was a huge success.

Santa's Surprise

For Christmas, Santa brought tickets for all the Smith boys to go and see the Monster Trucks and Metal Mulisha Team at the Rabbobank Arena. Steve said the seats were great, and there was even a 7 year old driver of one of the monster trucks. The boys had a blast, but Wyatt was especially funny when he got home,and explained to me all animated...."the big trucks crashed into things, and hit their heads on the walls!"

Saturday, January 15, 2011


Ok, so I turned into what I said I would never be....a blog slacker! It all started back in September, when Steve told me he had to go out of town for work for the week. week turned into two, which turned into ELEVEN!!!!!! Yes, eleven weeks of being alone Monday thru Friday evening, with a couple of weekends even thrown in the mix! But, I will not complain, and I will be the submissive, loving, and supportive wife....(Yea Right!) But, I did survive single parenthood...(with only one major emotional breakdown!) During this time, I ended up putting in many long hours into my high-paying career, that my blog suffered.
Then, my computer had problems. You see, the boys like to play on it, even though it is sacred to me! I have warned then not to do it, but they keep downloading games. Well, the computer froze up, and Ethan thought it would be a good idea to press CTRL+ALT+DELETE to start the task manager....and it completely crashed my hard drive.....I cried....But never fear, Ethan is still alive today, cause lets get isn't his fault that I haven't backed anything up for the last one and a half years! All my pictures, all my school work,.... poof into cyberspace! Honestly, I thought I was going to go into a major depression! Sooooo thankful for a husband that bought a super warranty when he purchased my computer, and FRY's was able to recover all my data, and give me a brand new hard drive!
Enough Excuses!!!!
So, I have taken today to try and update all of the family happenings through the last three months!

The Holiday Season, and especially New Years is a time when people make goals. Sadly, I tend not to do that....(who has time for that?), but I make sure to take the time to reflect on the things I am thankful for! Here are some of them, but not a complete list. If I took time to do that, I would be typing for three days or more!

*Health- my family made it though an entire year without any major medical malfunctions! No MRSA, hospitalizations, broken bones, emergency C-Sections, stays in the NICU...or even stitches for that matter! My only trip to my friendly ER was in December when Wyatt decided he liked the taste of Benadryl, and drank the bottle!

*Weight Loss- ok, here is where I get to brag! Back in July, I saw a picture of myself, and decided that I didn't like what I saw! Since there will be no more babies on the way, it was time to loose the weight. After our trip to Utah in August, where all we did was eat...I decided that I was not going to diet, but change my eating habits! And yes, there is a difference. I was inspired to do this by my brother, and I should be eating a certain way anyhow, because of my fybermalgia! So, I basically cut out all processed sugar and MSG. I try to stick to everything fresh and high proteins. I do go to the gym 4 to 5 days a week also. The result, three months pain in my body, and I am now 32 pounds lighter! I have to say that as much as Ethan hates my new eating plan, cause it doesn't include love the transformation! The downside...I have also developed a new love of clothing....not very good for the budget. I would still like to drop some more weight, and I am only about 8 pounds from what I was in high school/college, but lets get real...shooting out five babies in eight years takes a toll on the body! If I can loose those 8 pounds great, but I am very happy and proud of where I am now! Now my new focus is toning!

*Religion- Where would I be without guidance from a living prophet? Where would I be without the true gospel in my life? Where would I be without opportunities, such a paying my tithing?...I don't ever want to find out! So thankful for being able to raise my children with the guidance and principles that I am blessed to be a part of!

*Trials- We are faced with them everyday! They sure are not fun when you are experiencing them, and Steve, Me, and the family have had out share these last couple of years. I am thankful for Steve and my new found philosophy...(there is nothing that happens that is bad enough to tear our Eternal Family apart!...We are too important and love each other too much for that to happen!) So, just grin and bear it...and make sure to leave bruises on your knees! One of my favorite artists, Gary Allan, sings a song, and the lyrics say,"Life ain't always beautiful, but it's a beautiful ride!"...Isn't that the truth??? My family bond has grown so much stronger because we face our challenges together, and even though it isn't always fun, we go to sleep happy at the end of the day!

*Family- My parents,who I still turn to for advice, guidance (especially in the form of child rearing), and support, as I try to navigate through my life. My extended family who I will always love and cherish. Those members of my family who have passed away,and the influence and lessons they brought to my life. My husband....his strength and insights amaze me everyday, and he works so hard, supports me in all I do, and whom I can honestly say that I am still in love with when he walks through the door at the end of the day...exhausted and covered in dust and grime...He's so sexy! Finally, five of the most awesome, inspiring, and special blessings of children that I have been given. It takes only one glance at them to remind me of how much my Father in Heaven loves me!

Luckily, I have never been a very private person....cause everyone now knows my innermost thoughts!

Happy New Years!!!